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Assisting Those Experiencing Hardship

Our focus is on small scale projects for individuals and families, on level of urgency and basic needs, as well as community development resources for long term skill and learning opportunities.

Working Directly with Villagers

Consulting with villagers to determine how best to improve their lives in both short and long term capacities. Partnering with community leaders to increase employment opportunities

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Why We Started

Nepal Life Improvement Foundation officially formed in 2019. Prior to this, our founder Maury Mason, had been helping those in the community of Pachabaya, a village 200 kilometers west of Kathmandu, near the city of Pokhara since 2015. The contributions were to help people recover from the earthquake damage and resulting economic hardships of that year. The first projects began with rebuilding and repairing damaged homes and expanded to projects improving village infrastructure including pathways, stairs and connecting homes to water and hydro. In May 2019, along with Robbie Prokop we were officially incorporated as a Canadian Non Profit Organization. In 2020 Lilly Mason came on board, and helped to expand our fundraising base which has enabled us to take on more projects.

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Current Focus

Pachabhaiya Community Development Centre

We have been approached by local community leaders with an opportunity to take over a large three story building that was recently left vacant.
We are converting it to a Community Resource Centre that we will use to host a variety of educational and skill development workshops and programs, including a demonstration permaculture garden where locals can learn sustainable agriculture. Other workshop plans include bee keeping, jewellery making, literacy classes, English classes, home repair and tool training, environmental stewardship and more. We have begun facilitating weekly fitness classes and art classes for children. Management and Program coordination is on a volunteer basis, however we will provide income for local labour and workshop instructors.

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Our Projects

Our current focus is on improving the lives of the 300 families in Pachabhaiya village. We work alongside community leaders to ensure that the help given will provide the maximum benefit.

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Our Founders

Robbie Prokop

Maury Mason

Lillian Mason

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